A cruel card you have been dealt,
king of the beasts with a snow white pelt.

Yet courageous and true,
is still the hallmark of you. 

I live in a world where my pelt is snow white instead of a tawny gold.  Follow me as I explore my disability trough different lenses, on this and my other two blogs Dating Disabled and Rhyming Disabled.
I am a foreigner among my own kind.  Always two steps behind, I hold my head high, for what I achieved today would be to you like running a hundred miles.  Every day is an odyssey and every breath a gift from above.  Only through grace have I come so far and through grace I will travel a thousand miles more.  For I am courage through adversity, and what nature toke from me, I replace with so much more.
This blog is dedicated to my journey with disability, both physical and mental.  My body and mind is forever vying for control over my limited energy reserves but on days when there is a break in the clouds, I take a seat on the grass and take it all in, for rest is a luxury and I take it whenever I can.

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